Dr. med. Dr. sc. med. Corrado Garbazza

Lead Circadian Health Clinic, MD PhD

Dr. Garbazza is a psychiatrist with a clinical and research focus on sleep and circadian medicine. After his medical studies, he obtained a doctorate (Dr. med.) from the Competence Center of Sleep Medicine of the Charité Medical University, Berlin and earned a PhD from the University of Basel, Centre for Chronobiology, under the supervision of Prof. Christian Cajochen. Since 2012, Dr. Garbazza has specialized in the management of circadian rhythm disorders and in the chronotherapy of affective disorders, with particular attention to the bright light treatment of perinatal depression. Dr. Garbazza is leading the Circadian Health Clinic module within the Integrative Human Circadian Daylight Platform (iHCDP). He is currently a research fellow in sleep medicine at Harvard Medical School.