Exciting course coming soon: Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Light and Chronobiology

Sun and clouds

© Prof. Dr. Christian Cajochen

The iHCDP team has been working on it for a while now: the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) course in Light and Chronobiology. We are excited to share this news now although there are quite a few steps to take until we are ready to start.

What are the goals of this CAS?

  • provide a comprehensive understanding of the role of daylight in human behaviour, psychophysiology, neuroendocrinology and clinical applications
  • highlight the importance of daylight in the built environment for office users, schoolchildren or the elderly in care homes
  • bridge the gaps between research streams that have not yet been integrated into a functional, holistic and sustainable whole

Who is the target audience?

The course is addressed to students and interested experts from the fields of human biology, psychology, neuroscience, and medicine, as well as from social and building sciences, including architects, light designers, engineers and physicists.

Structure and format

The course will comprise the following topics:

  1. Light and its importance in everyday life
  2. Light and its physiologically relevant measurement and quantification
  3. Light and chronobiological treatment modalities in the clinic
  4. Light in the built environment
  5. Light and chronobiology in industry

Except for a kick-off event, a 2 day workshop and a final workshop taking place in Basel, the course will be held online.

Course duration will be 9 to 12 months including a final written thesis.

Curious to learn more? We will publish further details as soon as our planning has progressed further. Stay tuned!