Second iHCDP Retreat 27 November 2023 in Freiburg, Germany

The iHCDP team having dinner after their retreat.

© Prof. Dr. Christian Cajochen

Last week, on 27 November, we held our second iHCDP retreat in 2023. We met at the Novotel in Freiburg, Germany.

After a coffee and some snacks we took a deep dive into the following topics:

  • General and personnel updates
  • Financial updates
  • Updates and discussion on the Circadian Data Hub
  • Updates and discussion on the status of the 3 modules:
    • Circadian Visual Neuroscience 
    • Environmental Circadian Lighting 
    • Circadian Health Clinic

We had fruitful discussions and we ended the retreat with a tasty autumnal dinner in the city of Freiburg (see picture), which is already decorated for Christmas.