Booklet on Measuring Light and Illumination

Several members of the iHCDP participated in the Interdisciplinary Summer School of the Daylight Academy from 15-19 August 2022 in Chexbres, Switzerland. One of the results is this impressive booklet on Measuring Light and Illumination.

The Summer School brought together a diverse group of students and lecturers at Lake Geneva to learn how to measure, understand and use light and illumination, inspired by the cyanometer, an 18th-century instrument developed by Horace Bénédict de Saussure (1789) to measure the colour of sky by visual inspection.

Impressions and results of the Summer School are presented on comprehensive 116 pages.

Contributors from the iHCDP were Manuel Spitschan as the course leader and editor of the booklet, together with Anna Biller, as well as Niloufar Tabandeh, Johanna Otte and Sophie Charlotte Reckels.